Thursday, August 22, 2013

marijuana breast milk pancakes

now my sister has been smoking weed and the milk in the frig has been low. if I fail a drug test she's my only blame because I don't do drugs. And I don't smoke weed.

I made some pancakes and she laughed in the living room when I was done. I went to go eat my pancakes and felt really really woozy. I threw them pancakes away and felt really high afterwards. if I'm really drugged from the tainted milk in the frig from me making pancakes then I'm going to fail the drug test.

I'm using if because it's not necessarily true. it can be a falsification. the only reason I'm making this blog is if I'm hired for a job and then they go about drug testing me.

People go behind my back and talk because they're liars and want me to be seen the wrong way so I won't amount to nothing. I call them greedy scumbags they don't want to help me but only want to make themselves look good. THE END.

If my sister hates me for my assumption so be it. I think it's fascinating that I think I'm drugged from her breast milk being that she's smoked weed infront of me and laughed in my face after I made pancakes with the milk in the frig.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


yesterday I got up and uploaded videos & played SMW hacks
watched some alex jones my mother yelled like I don't go outside to get the mail lol
I sampled a song my mother left and came back and went to work late at night
then at 4am she tells me to cut the tv off I do and she yells at me like it's still on when
I had the radio show still on

I had a dream about posting videos on the old youtube layout and gaining 6 million views and then my next video only had a million. & youtube kept reevaluating my monetization settings.
I had thoughts this morning that kevin cadena found out I stop making music and that he wants to help me find a job or some shit.

I'm listening to alex jones talk about diet coke with a scientist.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


my sister needed help yesterday so I had to find the storage I found it. mean while. My routine download videos from email tumblr facebook play video games. But yesterday was a different one. I checked out for rocky mount jobs and Petsmart poops up & Chili's. I feel out the survey for Petsmart and they aren't hiring for another 3 weeks. And then Chili's places me on hold for 15 mins for their host job. I went to fill out their application and I don't have any references. I still felt drugged from yesterday's tea so I played video games until it stopped  And then I recorded my lyrics to my 2nd verse.

In the middle of the night at like 2am the computer was off and I had forgot the password. But then I remembered moon-cunt doesn't want any reblogs on a porn blog page LOL I'm not a porn blog and she followed me how freaky.

All alex jones talks about is how unlawful the system is no vaccine shot then there's a muscle man group waiting to detain parents and possibly shoot it's how the system works and there's nothing a person can do they have to read the fine print when they're being examined & have to sign paperwork.

Found out I have a notebook with nothing in it now I have to write some scripts. lucky me. luck isn't accurate only karma. what comes around goes around.

Monday, August 12, 2013


I set alex jones on my playlist and then I went to sleep. After that I'm waking up to my brother yelling on the phone about how much gas he gave somebody then my mother's yelling about how me and him need to find a job. My mother decides to kick him out for yelling. I feed the dog and take the trash out. I still feel drugged from the tea from last night. in my arms my neck my fingers and my legs. My mother yelled at me telling me to cancel my appointment for tomorrow.

I filled out a job application for PetSmart soon as I was done I called the one in Rocky Mount and they have all the people they need. So I decided to call Chili's since they needed a host. They left me on hold for 15 mins. I decided to fill out their application. Then I needed 2 references now I'm waiting to hear from Kev and Strat

Waking Up

I recently went to wake up and my audio was distorted the angry aussie needs to fix his audio and make it louder. sleep with a playlist going. I wanted some oatmeal and someone apparantly switched my whole grains to instant. someone is playing with my food. whole food is much thicker oatmeal not the fake GMO instant bullshit. Now that's all I have to eat until I throw this bullshit away like I don't know the difference. I wake up still feeling drugged outta my mind. I don't do drugs and I hate feeling like a whistleblower but something isn't quite right. I shouldn't have the shakes so much. I'm not paranoid at all and my mother is always acting weird. She's yelling at me because she doesn't want me to think she's selling herself for sex. She gets mad at me and gets happy when she gets a phone call. She wants to let the whole house know that she's happy as shit to on a phone with a stranger she just met and acts like we don't know what she's doing. 

Before I made the oatmeal. I step in the hallway mind you I never went to sleep until 130 Monday morning I stumble like my body has a mind of it's own like I've been on a muscle relaxer. I hit the wall. I never done that a day in my life. I cut on the light and my sister is on the sofa bed so now I've got to tip toe around the living room to the kichen on the far end to check out the oatmeal. I check instant first and it's lite like someone's been eating it. Nobody eats oatmeal but me and this whole grain is too full like I never touched it.

I had to use the bathroom and everything in that bathroom is destroyed so I have to walk all the way back to the far end of the kitchen in the dark all the way to the end of the house to the bathroom. And walk all the way in the dark with my sister on the sofa bed.

I still feel slight ticks more muscle spasms than usual. I will keep you update whenever I have another story

Sunday, August 11, 2013

who drugged the tea?

My mother calls the phone and tells my brother not to go into the living room because she's currently been prostituting. To men she meet men she knew and old co-workers. but that's nothing new. She says that Moses is here when I go up front to get some tea. I speak and she acts all funny like it would make me mad that somebody is in the house because she just made a phone call. I made a vlog about how she was lying and how she always lies.

She starts fucking her john moses the married man in her room. so I started writing a song.  then when I had my 16 bars everything was legit. I laid it down. so then I listened to it then everything was okay. but then I drank some tea and started writing my 2nd verse. i went to record my lyrics and I had everything down pack. Then I felt like something drugged me. I think it was the tea because it tasted it little funny than usual too. And everything went weak I got tired. so I uploaded my video. I started to feel really woozy like I didn't eat enough food. It's either a pain pill or a muscle relaxer because I can feel it in my arms my fingers my forehead my jaw and my wrist.

If it's my family trying to poison me with drugged tea I forgive them and I'm not going to act like I've been drugged I'm just going to stay away from them. My mother has been acting funny recently. I'll get into that in my next blog.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


My neighbor knocks on my door this morning for my mother so they can figure out about cutting the tree infront of the house. soon as I call her since his call didn't go through from his cell phone I let her know that the neighbor wanted to get in contact with her about cutting the tree she explodes wanting me to give an explanation so I had him the phone.
My neighbor talked to me about cutting the tree and he went to talk to the land lady about it because the tree will eventually push the trailer. They come back together and are deciding to cut the tree down & choosing branches for fire wood. since they have enough help outside I went back in so I can get ready to feed the dog and let him run a bit on their break.
My mother comes home and she's on her cell phone. She'll call me and then ignore me when I answer her. She did this multiple times because she's focused on being on the phone than thinking of what she's doing. She comes closer to the door aggravated and asks me to help the neighbor move limbs. And I let her know what was going on. She explodes on me after I feed the dog telling me that I have to do what she says because I have to stay here.
I go to the store and buy a coconut juice. And I talk to my neighbor on his break and I let him know how I felt. I told him that he's making money, that I'm here to help him, I'm not mad at anyone, I didn't want to stand in your way while you're cutting a tree down and that my mother did something yesterday that she regrets & wants to explode today because of it.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

where's the peace?

Last night I went to bed early I woke up in 3 hours and stayed up for 4 hours I had 3 dreams one about a monster and kittens one about a truck backing up into a house and one about being in a church after a wedding
my sister had her baby and my mother asked me if I wanted to go see her. I'm vlogging outside and my dog gets loose and bites the neighbors toy ball. then my new neighbors introduce themselves. my mother acts like a bitch over the dog getting loose.
I talk to the neighbors about the basketball.
I went to dollar tree and walmart and sat in the car because my mother acts like a shit headed rush. she wants respect because she works hard to pay bills.  she wants me to respond to her bullshit but it's going to be yes or no answers only. she doesn't want to hear shit I have to say because she knows it all. so then after that we went to see my sister's newborn. then to dollar general. and back to the house.
she gave me 2 dollars for coconut juice. she talks behind my back in the living room acting like she doesn't act like a bitch around me because she has guest watching her bullshit attitude.
she tells me to do something I do it and she's some nosy wanna be bitch acting like I'm not responsible. thanks for reading this. bye. :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

my mother is stressed and sounds pitiful pray for her

I'm sitting in my room making beats and when I'm done. I go up front see my brother and his girlfriend. they are sitting on the couch. I let them know what happened earlier. while making some coffee and cereal. found some powered donuts and shared them. I also let them know about opinion outpost. I go back to my room and watch key of awesome while I eat my food. I go back up and then I decide to go to the mail box. I get my assurance application and then my mother rolls up with my medication and it's just the side effects medication. while I let her know about my assurance she's says is this the right one.
she wants to put up an argument after I show her my medicine and that it's the wrong one. and that I have the wrong prescription because she spent 15 dollars just to pay for it. and my main medicine is all I needed and that cost only 4 dollars. she wanted to waste time and not call her so I called her myself. it only took four minutes. she could've called them. and while I'm in the middle of talking on the phone she wants to have arguments yell and scream. I had 3 days left for my medicine during this time after we see the pills there's one missing. I was telling her while I walked back from the mail that my brother's girlfriend was outside when I came and she wanted to assume that I blamed one of the two. then she wants give her say so and not listen to me talk. so went back in my room to search for my pills because for some odd reason my bottle cap wasn't opened and the pills went everywhere. after finding the pill I was looking for she has company because she was taking care of her granddaughter so my sister's boyfriend was over to pick up her daughter I let my mother know and she wanted to know why I blamed my brother when she never gave me a chance to talk. she wanted to be loud and obnoxious and not want to hear anything I had to say. I'm talking loud because I'm beside the tv. and she screams about this being her house. so I told her I'm going to leave it alone. I went to my room after filling out my application and placed in the mail box and went back up front where everybody was and let her know that she had mail. and I apologize to her for stressing her out and that I didn't blame my brother for anything and that I wanted to explain something in relation to something missing. after all that she just wanted to stay built up over that so she can talk behind my back she does it anyway from now on I'll just have to hold my camera everywhere I go. :)

music telepathic dreams and videos

I've recently had a dream about one of my ex coworkers wanting me to stick my head inbetween her legs while her kids were gone.
my recent dream consisted of me being in a restaurant with my room mate my room mate was the same comedian from high school and he hung around a crowd because he knew I didn't want to fight around my girlfriend. so as he got closer I slammed his body on the floor lifted him up and took him to the cashier right where the manager was and then this comedian from high school turns from a black short young male into some white 3 foot short person soon as I couldn't hold him with my fist any longer.
my mother helped me move my stuff and while I was leaving a black belt was walking towards me and I knew he was going to fight me so I quickly ran towards my mother's car to avoid the fight and he was proud of me walking away.
I left my studio upstairs with my roommate & his friends so I wouldn't have to deal with them anymore.

when I woke up I made eggs and sausage to eat. I took my medication and went outside in the rain to piss. so as I came back from around the other side of the house my mother pulled up and since it was raining really hard I decided to quickly run into the house. She calls the house phone screaming at me about "don't you see my outside" I explain that how am I suppose to know what you're doing. so I put my jacket back on and tell her that I didn't know she just bought groceries how am I suppose to know what she's doing during the day if she's not telling me anything. I helped her and she told me that she bought me stuff. that's when I told her thank you I really appreciate. and then the magic voice said "thank you for saying that"

I started thinking of lowsemeh's companion and lowse then they directed me towards my mother. then my mother calls me into the next room to let me know what she bought me from the grocery store.

I'm making beats and watching naruto now. it's funny how monsters communicate to me. through dreams the rain through my mother and people that I watch vlog. and reggie says it's just me. IDK maybe it is just me and when I time traveled I don't know. maybe time travel isn't so real and I'm delusional making all of these telepathic abilities up.

The intention of this blog was to let my page viewers know that I've uploaded videos on some of my channels on youtube

main channel
2nd channel
gaming channel
alternate channel
instrumentals channel
video channel
review channel

and that I have music on

isampled album 3
g7thebeatmaker's album entitled "For These Lames"
g7 dedications 3 in Side Land 2

Saturday, June 1, 2013

vlog set

I've decided to let my next videos go to my 3 least favorite channels on youtube mostly dreams and dream type videos videos that I didn't place on my main channel videos that are more personal than anything else

topsecretchronicles could be a channel with more content like updates on science stuff I'm into that's related
vlogirific could be just those videos that I really wanted on my channel but weren't excepted
digitalhll could be just my personal life or more on music and whatever's important to me IDK yet

but for sure I have videos for these 3 channels and I have recent uploads.

I'm g7thebeatmaker and thanks for reading this. more on the way.

Friday, April 26, 2013

How I make beats-EP. 1 everywhere she goes EP. 2 tomorrow with pinky and the brain

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original video Patrick Doval - Everywhere She Goes