Sunday, June 16, 2013

where's the peace?

Last night I went to bed early I woke up in 3 hours and stayed up for 4 hours I had 3 dreams one about a monster and kittens one about a truck backing up into a house and one about being in a church after a wedding
my sister had her baby and my mother asked me if I wanted to go see her. I'm vlogging outside and my dog gets loose and bites the neighbors toy ball. then my new neighbors introduce themselves. my mother acts like a bitch over the dog getting loose.
I talk to the neighbors about the basketball.
I went to dollar tree and walmart and sat in the car because my mother acts like a shit headed rush. she wants respect because she works hard to pay bills.  she wants me to respond to her bullshit but it's going to be yes or no answers only. she doesn't want to hear shit I have to say because she knows it all. so then after that we went to see my sister's newborn. then to dollar general. and back to the house.
she gave me 2 dollars for coconut juice. she talks behind my back in the living room acting like she doesn't act like a bitch around me because she has guest watching her bullshit attitude.
she tells me to do something I do it and she's some nosy wanna be bitch acting like I'm not responsible. thanks for reading this. bye. :)

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