Wednesday, September 10, 2014

3 ideas

when I get locked up tonight - eminem resung as she wasn't your girl last night

you are so beautiful sung by g7 and taking pictures from facebook and making a collage

how to video on how to make facebook your slave master. "I'm telling"

that dream I had video

Sunday, July 13, 2014

what I did yesterday

listened and learned. never asked a question unless it was work related the end.


on tuesday I saw my friend I spent time with my friend it was great. wednesday I rode my bike looking for my friend because I was late. so then I saw my brother and recorded. then I saw my friend with the can soda. he said no after she called back. I rode my bike to see my friend I decided to walk. her stalker wanted to fight me thursday morning wednesday night because he's a pathological liar blowing shit out of proportion. FML. smiley face. I have a court date on the 31st because of a faggot that loves stalking men. I have nothing against him. I should but I have other stalkers watching me before him and they don't know each other. FML. smiley face.  I just call them angels and demons. some day there will be peace instead of hatred.
                                -love your friend that only says hi and bye to you. forever.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


there was this song called Kiss and prince wrote it as a bluesy driven country record from what sources say. i heard about the family searched it and found cisco's youtube channel back in May. myspace has this mazarati version. myspace gave me this error like your adobe flashplayer wasn't updated. so I decided to and downloaded the newest version of the flashplayer. the flashplayer wasn't official and it made lots and lots of adware on every other webpage I went to. i decided to eventually download some software that helped me HITMANPRO. I haven't went back to myspace since.

I've had a best friend, girlfriend and now she's my fiance. My wife. so in June 2014 was my love life. I have alot of stories from June 2014 before and after that month and what has happened. I love my job but I don't make alot of money. I wish I could save something but it never happens. I love my family. I have a birthday coming up soon. my arm still hurts but it will get better soon. I love my wife. she's all I think about. I'll see her today and I'll tell her how much I love her.

I was at school

I was at school about to go into the cafeteria and this guy stopped me. He was this tall black elderly looking guy without alot of teeth missing. He wanted me to smoke the stuff that was in his bowl. It was a crack pipe looking object. And he was telling me what was in it.

Someone came across me and I went into a jujitsu stance. everything went all slippery and startled the gods of this dream.

Monday, July 7, 2014

I watch naruto

yesterday I dozed off too many times in the morning at work I let my boss know. I didn't get a chance to see my finance. I talked to her and she talked to me telling me that she would see me after court.

I went to work for the 2nd time on my tiny bike. that baby bike hahahaha. the chain popped off once and got me fingers rust. I miss my wife.

I love her so much she doesn't even want me to call her my girlfriend or fiance. I want a place with her.

i went to work late in a minute. Then I got on the floor. ash like rotation. feel like section. ash like let's make money. feel like don't matter. I'm like neutral. and I'm like universal. shit happened last night. walk out on call in. walk out on food. hairy. I miss my wife. women like my face and don't know me. some guy knows I'm from the medoc hollister areas. arcola. i had twenty tickets out of those 2 not called and 2 voids. my unit gives no flack. lol. I miss 2nd and 1st.

Amanda and Savannah comes in. Savannah is in rcity. Amanda is in SC. We chatted after and during my chores. Amanda loves me after I told her about my marriage. She looks like his crush from the wonder years... Before that table and me eating my grilled chicken etc... this youngin stared at me and smiled because they talked behind my back the big guy said something to feel about something he wasn't suppose to say word get round. I'm very very intelligent.

I get off from work. luckily not signing this time thank god. *it's probably from 2nd.

I get home like I can sleep until 11 wife calls at 9am so I missed it. everyone tells me I shouldn't get married but I really want to I'd love to be her husband and take care of her. I love to death. She's mine all mine.

they changed their number at the place she's at. she left a message earlier like she didn't have a ride for court. she still went there though. I hope she's okay she can call when she wants. I love her. She's my love. I cried alittle to myself before I wrote everything.

I hope she calls me I hope I'm capable of seeing her tomorrow. I have to live in this body and I'm gonna make all of the right decisions since this temple is a living vessel.

I woke up and tried calling her for the last time and there's no answer. I went for coconut but got the rut. sorry. now I'm gonna finish. I saw the york and it made me lose it. I can look at it without crying. I miss being by her side. I love her so much. I miss her. I hope she's okay. I love her.

I have nobody to talk all of these people are shit. And know my situation.

I'm watching naruto right now. that shit makes it worst. I never wanna leave her side.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

new wife

i met her in june around the 2 and 3rd of that month. now it's july 6th and me & her are getting married within a week or two.

today I fell asleep at work there was no business in section 5. I only made 7 tickets.
my wife came by to see me. she was my first customer. the crowd came I made sales. no crowd no sales.

after waking up for the last time on the floor. I went and asked my boss lady if I could clock out because I was sleeping so much. she laughed and said yeah.

I finally got home paid my mom 130 and went to sleep.

my mother wakes me up and tells me I didn't pay her on the 8th. when if I didn't she would've kicked me and my new girlfriend out of her house. so my mother argued and screamed alot off subject about "that stupid girl" because she's not understanding or considerate. I've been giving her money since the first. if she can't remember that's her problem not mine. but I've been paying her even when I wasn't suppose to I paid her.

it was 9:30am when I work up the time I'm suppose to meet my wife in the morning since she's not allowed to stay with me at my mother's house, I rushed after the argument at 10:45 to see her. She wasn't there. I saw Terry he said she was there 10 mins ago there was nothing I could do finally it turned 12 noon so I went back home called them for the 3rd time at her house. And nobody knew where she was.

I go to sleep and call her same thing. I wash my pants. i wake up now and call & she's sleeping. I'm glad she's okay I love her to death.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

STUPID and SILLY = bad vocabulary

I'm shaving my music is loud
my mother comes home I turn my music off
my mother is annoyed because she has her grandkids with her and wants their mother to go to their room
my mother gets mad because her daughter is taking too long
she ask me why I'm getting ready so early when it's 10:30am and I have to be at work at 2pm
I tell her it's good to be ready early and I said the early bird gets the worm
she said that was stupid and silly
my mother wants to cook eggs but wonders why there is a carton missing when she just bought one
she asks me what happened to it and I tell her there was only 3 in the carton
then I tell her this is my first time eating eggs the entire week
she then gets really upset thinking I have a smart attitude when I tell her that
she then hollers and screams because she's pissed off that she asked me when I didn't know she bought a new carton and I said that I only bought 2 and ate out of them 3 times
she runs to the bathroom like I said something wrong when I refuse to say anything wrong to anybody
I tell her I didn't say anything wrong
I started humming and then she rushed back there while I'm taking a wash up and she pushing the door open telling me I got something for that you wanna be smart
I tell her I didn't say anything wrong and she yells say again I got something for you
in a nutshell she's weird and wants to make it seem she's arguing when I'm obviously not so she can have a reason to talk that way

she's embarrassed because I put more money than anybody else in the car and I'm not asking for a ride anymore
she's really embarrassed that I won't contribute to her bad attitude and fuss according
she wants that type of conversation and I refuse to lie to myself and be on that level with her
I'm a good person. I won't ever talk shit. ever. Not unless someone invades my space which never happens.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


In this dream< I go outside to see my neighbor and my new neighbors invited people over when they usually don't. THE END

Friday, January 3, 2014

Dirty Ass Microwave

had a dream it's not in my mind constantly but here you
1 I get into a fight with some bitch that can't get a joke in the cafeteria she runs outside like the bitch wanna fight and some big muscle dude says he got family upstate
2. I ran to the mall and went into the after christmas department looking for lights for my room because I don't have a lamp
3. I get on the bus talking about how much time I got for my project and I ain't want to sit in the back so I sat up front. We made our stop and there was this guy with his wrist on swole. He shot up in his wrist and made a heroin skin bubble.
4. I'm laying in bed with 2 girls and I decide to get up. She moves over to my side and gets mad at me for farting in that stop because it got wet.

I eventually got up remembering bits and pieces. I slept with my window open because my room was hot without a heater on. I kept thinking of ways to do another comedy sketch on youtube.
FAMILY MATTERS PARODY  Then my cousin had wanted me to come over from last night to watch blade runner. So I get up and eat some pancakes. not that much syrup so I'm like nah. My mother decided to buy me medium eggs and let everyone else in the house eat large eggs. And make it seem like it's not a big deal when she made it into a big deal.

whenever I point something out she makes it into a big deal and says I don't appreciate anything here's an example. I cooked 4 medium eggs. cleaned up everything and thought about how the outside of the microwave looks. so I cleaned the microwave. Now I need some multi purpose cleaner and another rag to clean it so I stopped. my mother looks at me like whattaya doing and I told her I was cleaning the microwave and that it looked funky. she asks me what we needed because she's grocery shopping I opened the frig and told her cranberry juice & milk. Then I told her I have to eat more medium eggs than large eggs to eat as much as I would normally eat and she said I don't appreciate anything and that you don't know we're struggling like I'm suppose to get mad over that.