Sunday, August 11, 2013

who drugged the tea?

My mother calls the phone and tells my brother not to go into the living room because she's currently been prostituting. To men she meet men she knew and old co-workers. but that's nothing new. She says that Moses is here when I go up front to get some tea. I speak and she acts all funny like it would make me mad that somebody is in the house because she just made a phone call. I made a vlog about how she was lying and how she always lies.

She starts fucking her john moses the married man in her room. so I started writing a song.  then when I had my 16 bars everything was legit. I laid it down. so then I listened to it then everything was okay. but then I drank some tea and started writing my 2nd verse. i went to record my lyrics and I had everything down pack. Then I felt like something drugged me. I think it was the tea because it tasted it little funny than usual too. And everything went weak I got tired. so I uploaded my video. I started to feel really woozy like I didn't eat enough food. It's either a pain pill or a muscle relaxer because I can feel it in my arms my fingers my forehead my jaw and my wrist.

If it's my family trying to poison me with drugged tea I forgive them and I'm not going to act like I've been drugged I'm just going to stay away from them. My mother has been acting funny recently. I'll get into that in my next blog.

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