Thursday, June 20, 2013


My neighbor knocks on my door this morning for my mother so they can figure out about cutting the tree infront of the house. soon as I call her since his call didn't go through from his cell phone I let her know that the neighbor wanted to get in contact with her about cutting the tree she explodes wanting me to give an explanation so I had him the phone.
My neighbor talked to me about cutting the tree and he went to talk to the land lady about it because the tree will eventually push the trailer. They come back together and are deciding to cut the tree down & choosing branches for fire wood. since they have enough help outside I went back in so I can get ready to feed the dog and let him run a bit on their break.
My mother comes home and she's on her cell phone. She'll call me and then ignore me when I answer her. She did this multiple times because she's focused on being on the phone than thinking of what she's doing. She comes closer to the door aggravated and asks me to help the neighbor move limbs. And I let her know what was going on. She explodes on me after I feed the dog telling me that I have to do what she says because I have to stay here.
I go to the store and buy a coconut juice. And I talk to my neighbor on his break and I let him know how I felt. I told him that he's making money, that I'm here to help him, I'm not mad at anyone, I didn't want to stand in your way while you're cutting a tree down and that my mother did something yesterday that she regrets & wants to explode today because of it.

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