Friday, June 7, 2013

music telepathic dreams and videos

I've recently had a dream about one of my ex coworkers wanting me to stick my head inbetween her legs while her kids were gone.
my recent dream consisted of me being in a restaurant with my room mate my room mate was the same comedian from high school and he hung around a crowd because he knew I didn't want to fight around my girlfriend. so as he got closer I slammed his body on the floor lifted him up and took him to the cashier right where the manager was and then this comedian from high school turns from a black short young male into some white 3 foot short person soon as I couldn't hold him with my fist any longer.
my mother helped me move my stuff and while I was leaving a black belt was walking towards me and I knew he was going to fight me so I quickly ran towards my mother's car to avoid the fight and he was proud of me walking away.
I left my studio upstairs with my roommate & his friends so I wouldn't have to deal with them anymore.

when I woke up I made eggs and sausage to eat. I took my medication and went outside in the rain to piss. so as I came back from around the other side of the house my mother pulled up and since it was raining really hard I decided to quickly run into the house. She calls the house phone screaming at me about "don't you see my outside" I explain that how am I suppose to know what you're doing. so I put my jacket back on and tell her that I didn't know she just bought groceries how am I suppose to know what she's doing during the day if she's not telling me anything. I helped her and she told me that she bought me stuff. that's when I told her thank you I really appreciate. and then the magic voice said "thank you for saying that"

I started thinking of lowsemeh's companion and lowse then they directed me towards my mother. then my mother calls me into the next room to let me know what she bought me from the grocery store.

I'm making beats and watching naruto now. it's funny how monsters communicate to me. through dreams the rain through my mother and people that I watch vlog. and reggie says it's just me. IDK maybe it is just me and when I time traveled I don't know. maybe time travel isn't so real and I'm delusional making all of these telepathic abilities up.

The intention of this blog was to let my page viewers know that I've uploaded videos on some of my channels on youtube

main channel
2nd channel
gaming channel
alternate channel
instrumentals channel
video channel
review channel

and that I have music on

isampled album 3
g7thebeatmaker's album entitled "For These Lames"
g7 dedications 3 in Side Land 2

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