Tuesday, August 13, 2013


my sister needed help yesterday so I had to find the storage I found it. mean while. My routine download videos from email tumblr facebook play video games. But yesterday was a different one. I checked out indeed.com for rocky mount jobs and Petsmart poops up & Chili's. I feel out the survey for Petsmart and they aren't hiring for another 3 weeks. And then Chili's places me on hold for 15 mins for their host job. I went to fill out their application and I don't have any references. I still felt drugged from yesterday's tea so I played video games until it stopped  And then I recorded my lyrics to my 2nd verse.

In the middle of the night at like 2am the computer was off and I had forgot the password. But then I remembered moon-cunt doesn't want any reblogs on a porn blog page LOL I'm not a porn blog and she followed me how freaky.

All alex jones talks about is how unlawful the system is no vaccine shot then there's a muscle man group waiting to detain parents and possibly shoot it's how the system works and there's nothing a person can do they have to read the fine print when they're being examined & have to sign paperwork.

Found out I have a notebook with nothing in it now I have to write some scripts. lucky me. luck isn't accurate only karma. what comes around goes around.

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