Thursday, August 22, 2013

marijuana breast milk pancakes

now my sister has been smoking weed and the milk in the frig has been low. if I fail a drug test she's my only blame because I don't do drugs. And I don't smoke weed.

I made some pancakes and she laughed in the living room when I was done. I went to go eat my pancakes and felt really really woozy. I threw them pancakes away and felt really high afterwards. if I'm really drugged from the tainted milk in the frig from me making pancakes then I'm going to fail the drug test.

I'm using if because it's not necessarily true. it can be a falsification. the only reason I'm making this blog is if I'm hired for a job and then they go about drug testing me.

People go behind my back and talk because they're liars and want me to be seen the wrong way so I won't amount to nothing. I call them greedy scumbags they don't want to help me but only want to make themselves look good. THE END.

If my sister hates me for my assumption so be it. I think it's fascinating that I think I'm drugged from her breast milk being that she's smoked weed infront of me and laughed in my face after I made pancakes with the milk in the frig.

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