Monday, August 12, 2013


I set alex jones on my playlist and then I went to sleep. After that I'm waking up to my brother yelling on the phone about how much gas he gave somebody then my mother's yelling about how me and him need to find a job. My mother decides to kick him out for yelling. I feed the dog and take the trash out. I still feel drugged from the tea from last night. in my arms my neck my fingers and my legs. My mother yelled at me telling me to cancel my appointment for tomorrow.

I filled out a job application for PetSmart soon as I was done I called the one in Rocky Mount and they have all the people they need. So I decided to call Chili's since they needed a host. They left me on hold for 15 mins. I decided to fill out their application. Then I needed 2 references now I'm waiting to hear from Kev and Strat

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