Friday, June 7, 2013

my mother is stressed and sounds pitiful pray for her

I'm sitting in my room making beats and when I'm done. I go up front see my brother and his girlfriend. they are sitting on the couch. I let them know what happened earlier. while making some coffee and cereal. found some powered donuts and shared them. I also let them know about opinion outpost. I go back to my room and watch key of awesome while I eat my food. I go back up and then I decide to go to the mail box. I get my assurance application and then my mother rolls up with my medication and it's just the side effects medication. while I let her know about my assurance she's says is this the right one.
she wants to put up an argument after I show her my medicine and that it's the wrong one. and that I have the wrong prescription because she spent 15 dollars just to pay for it. and my main medicine is all I needed and that cost only 4 dollars. she wanted to waste time and not call her so I called her myself. it only took four minutes. she could've called them. and while I'm in the middle of talking on the phone she wants to have arguments yell and scream. I had 3 days left for my medicine during this time after we see the pills there's one missing. I was telling her while I walked back from the mail that my brother's girlfriend was outside when I came and she wanted to assume that I blamed one of the two. then she wants give her say so and not listen to me talk. so went back in my room to search for my pills because for some odd reason my bottle cap wasn't opened and the pills went everywhere. after finding the pill I was looking for she has company because she was taking care of her granddaughter so my sister's boyfriend was over to pick up her daughter I let my mother know and she wanted to know why I blamed my brother when she never gave me a chance to talk. she wanted to be loud and obnoxious and not want to hear anything I had to say. I'm talking loud because I'm beside the tv. and she screams about this being her house. so I told her I'm going to leave it alone. I went to my room after filling out my application and placed in the mail box and went back up front where everybody was and let her know that she had mail. and I apologize to her for stressing her out and that I didn't blame my brother for anything and that I wanted to explain something in relation to something missing. after all that she just wanted to stay built up over that so she can talk behind my back she does it anyway from now on I'll just have to hold my camera everywhere I go. :)

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