Tuesday, July 8, 2014


there was this song called Kiss and prince wrote it as a bluesy driven country record from what sources say. i heard about the family searched it and found cisco's youtube channel back in May. myspace has this mazarati version. myspace gave me this error like your adobe flashplayer wasn't updated. so I decided to and downloaded the newest version of the flashplayer. the flashplayer wasn't official and it made lots and lots of adware on every other webpage I went to. i decided to eventually download some software that helped me HITMANPRO. I haven't went back to myspace since.

I've had a best friend, girlfriend and now she's my fiance. My wife. so in June 2014 was my love life. I have alot of stories from June 2014 before and after that month and what has happened. I love my job but I don't make alot of money. I wish I could save something but it never happens. I love my family. I have a birthday coming up soon. my arm still hurts but it will get better soon. I love my wife. she's all I think about. I'll see her today and I'll tell her how much I love her.

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