Thursday, April 10, 2014

STUPID and SILLY = bad vocabulary

I'm shaving my music is loud
my mother comes home I turn my music off
my mother is annoyed because she has her grandkids with her and wants their mother to go to their room
my mother gets mad because her daughter is taking too long
she ask me why I'm getting ready so early when it's 10:30am and I have to be at work at 2pm
I tell her it's good to be ready early and I said the early bird gets the worm
she said that was stupid and silly
my mother wants to cook eggs but wonders why there is a carton missing when she just bought one
she asks me what happened to it and I tell her there was only 3 in the carton
then I tell her this is my first time eating eggs the entire week
she then gets really upset thinking I have a smart attitude when I tell her that
she then hollers and screams because she's pissed off that she asked me when I didn't know she bought a new carton and I said that I only bought 2 and ate out of them 3 times
she runs to the bathroom like I said something wrong when I refuse to say anything wrong to anybody
I tell her I didn't say anything wrong
I started humming and then she rushed back there while I'm taking a wash up and she pushing the door open telling me I got something for that you wanna be smart
I tell her I didn't say anything wrong and she yells say again I got something for you
in a nutshell she's weird and wants to make it seem she's arguing when I'm obviously not so she can have a reason to talk that way

she's embarrassed because I put more money than anybody else in the car and I'm not asking for a ride anymore
she's really embarrassed that I won't contribute to her bad attitude and fuss according
she wants that type of conversation and I refuse to lie to myself and be on that level with her
I'm a good person. I won't ever talk shit. ever. Not unless someone invades my space which never happens.

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