Sunday, July 6, 2014

new wife

i met her in june around the 2 and 3rd of that month. now it's july 6th and me & her are getting married within a week or two.

today I fell asleep at work there was no business in section 5. I only made 7 tickets.
my wife came by to see me. she was my first customer. the crowd came I made sales. no crowd no sales.

after waking up for the last time on the floor. I went and asked my boss lady if I could clock out because I was sleeping so much. she laughed and said yeah.

I finally got home paid my mom 130 and went to sleep.

my mother wakes me up and tells me I didn't pay her on the 8th. when if I didn't she would've kicked me and my new girlfriend out of her house. so my mother argued and screamed alot off subject about "that stupid girl" because she's not understanding or considerate. I've been giving her money since the first. if she can't remember that's her problem not mine. but I've been paying her even when I wasn't suppose to I paid her.

it was 9:30am when I work up the time I'm suppose to meet my wife in the morning since she's not allowed to stay with me at my mother's house, I rushed after the argument at 10:45 to see her. She wasn't there. I saw Terry he said she was there 10 mins ago there was nothing I could do finally it turned 12 noon so I went back home called them for the 3rd time at her house. And nobody knew where she was.

I go to sleep and call her same thing. I wash my pants. i wake up now and call & she's sleeping. I'm glad she's okay I love her to death.

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