Sunday, July 13, 2014


on tuesday I saw my friend I spent time with my friend it was great. wednesday I rode my bike looking for my friend because I was late. so then I saw my brother and recorded. then I saw my friend with the can soda. he said no after she called back. I rode my bike to see my friend I decided to walk. her stalker wanted to fight me thursday morning wednesday night because he's a pathological liar blowing shit out of proportion. FML. smiley face. I have a court date on the 31st because of a faggot that loves stalking men. I have nothing against him. I should but I have other stalkers watching me before him and they don't know each other. FML. smiley face.  I just call them angels and demons. some day there will be peace instead of hatred.
                                -love your friend that only says hi and bye to you. forever.

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