Monday, July 7, 2014

I watch naruto

yesterday I dozed off too many times in the morning at work I let my boss know. I didn't get a chance to see my finance. I talked to her and she talked to me telling me that she would see me after court.

I went to work for the 2nd time on my tiny bike. that baby bike hahahaha. the chain popped off once and got me fingers rust. I miss my wife.

I love her so much she doesn't even want me to call her my girlfriend or fiance. I want a place with her.

i went to work late in a minute. Then I got on the floor. ash like rotation. feel like section. ash like let's make money. feel like don't matter. I'm like neutral. and I'm like universal. shit happened last night. walk out on call in. walk out on food. hairy. I miss my wife. women like my face and don't know me. some guy knows I'm from the medoc hollister areas. arcola. i had twenty tickets out of those 2 not called and 2 voids. my unit gives no flack. lol. I miss 2nd and 1st.

Amanda and Savannah comes in. Savannah is in rcity. Amanda is in SC. We chatted after and during my chores. Amanda loves me after I told her about my marriage. She looks like his crush from the wonder years... Before that table and me eating my grilled chicken etc... this youngin stared at me and smiled because they talked behind my back the big guy said something to feel about something he wasn't suppose to say word get round. I'm very very intelligent.

I get off from work. luckily not signing this time thank god. *it's probably from 2nd.

I get home like I can sleep until 11 wife calls at 9am so I missed it. everyone tells me I shouldn't get married but I really want to I'd love to be her husband and take care of her. I love to death. She's mine all mine.

they changed their number at the place she's at. she left a message earlier like she didn't have a ride for court. she still went there though. I hope she's okay she can call when she wants. I love her. She's my love. I cried alittle to myself before I wrote everything.

I hope she calls me I hope I'm capable of seeing her tomorrow. I have to live in this body and I'm gonna make all of the right decisions since this temple is a living vessel.

I woke up and tried calling her for the last time and there's no answer. I went for coconut but got the rut. sorry. now I'm gonna finish. I saw the york and it made me lose it. I can look at it without crying. I miss being by her side. I love her so much. I miss her. I hope she's okay. I love her.

I have nobody to talk all of these people are shit. And know my situation.

I'm watching naruto right now. that shit makes it worst. I never wanna leave her side.

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