Friday, January 3, 2014

Dirty Ass Microwave

had a dream it's not in my mind constantly but here you
1 I get into a fight with some bitch that can't get a joke in the cafeteria she runs outside like the bitch wanna fight and some big muscle dude says he got family upstate
2. I ran to the mall and went into the after christmas department looking for lights for my room because I don't have a lamp
3. I get on the bus talking about how much time I got for my project and I ain't want to sit in the back so I sat up front. We made our stop and there was this guy with his wrist on swole. He shot up in his wrist and made a heroin skin bubble.
4. I'm laying in bed with 2 girls and I decide to get up. She moves over to my side and gets mad at me for farting in that stop because it got wet.

I eventually got up remembering bits and pieces. I slept with my window open because my room was hot without a heater on. I kept thinking of ways to do another comedy sketch on youtube.
FAMILY MATTERS PARODY  Then my cousin had wanted me to come over from last night to watch blade runner. So I get up and eat some pancakes. not that much syrup so I'm like nah. My mother decided to buy me medium eggs and let everyone else in the house eat large eggs. And make it seem like it's not a big deal when she made it into a big deal.

whenever I point something out she makes it into a big deal and says I don't appreciate anything here's an example. I cooked 4 medium eggs. cleaned up everything and thought about how the outside of the microwave looks. so I cleaned the microwave. Now I need some multi purpose cleaner and another rag to clean it so I stopped. my mother looks at me like whattaya doing and I told her I was cleaning the microwave and that it looked funky. she asks me what we needed because she's grocery shopping I opened the frig and told her cranberry juice & milk. Then I told her I have to eat more medium eggs than large eggs to eat as much as I would normally eat and she said I don't appreciate anything and that you don't know we're struggling like I'm suppose to get mad over that.

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