Thursday, April 6, 2017

dreams 1 and 2

first dream I entered this motel with a stairway into someone's room with flowers. The next room that led to a hispanic store in Virginia that led to outside the motel.
second dream I'm deadpool and a car drives beside me and I tip it over and I run into the city to my house. I went in through the back and went through the front it was night out. And I had stuff on the grill that was on hot and one part of the stove that was cold. The dogs needed to be fed I had two. A good one and a bad one I saw lei lei and she needed to call her dad All the dog food was in the floor in living and went to look for a cup to feed the dogs end of dream.

If you dream about a motel, you are going through a transitional phase. You have the potential to achieve your goals – you just have to approach them in a new way.
  • flower shop: indicates at grief which passes, however, fast
A man dreamed of walking into a clothing store. In waking life he was considering making big changes to his personality believing it would improve his life if he tried it. 
Seeing yourself as Deadpool – Such a dream means that you don’t need anyone in your life; you know how to fight for yourself. 
  • May symbolize repressed anger towards, or revenge against, the person(s) involved in the accident.
  • To see or buy pet food in your dream represents the development of some skill. Remember that it takes time and effort to hone and improve your skill

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